Fermentation occurs naturally and high levels of fermentation are not necessarily a bad thing. The benefit of using AIRE consistently is that you will be able to track your levels of fermentation over time and see if there are any changes. The changes in fermentation scores related to the different foods that you log on the app will allow you understand how your unique digestive system responds to different types of food.

You may also find that your Fermentation Score goes up or down after consecutive breath tests.

There are several tips for getting the most consistent breath test results:

  1. Use a consistent breathing style

  2. Make sure to hold the device upright so that the logo is facing you.

  3. Hold the device straight so that your breath goes right through the device and not towards to ceiling of the middle canal.

  4. For best results, AIRE’s sensors may need a minute to cool down between breath tests.  Therefore, for best results users should only take a breath test once every 2 minutes.

  5. The fermentation levels in your gut naturally fluctuate as you go through your day. 

Fermentation levels can be affected by food that you ate earlier today or yesterday.

Recent alcohol intake or smoking can also affect fermentation scores.

For more information on how to read your Fermentation Scores from AIRE, please see our website here: foodmarble.com/fscores 

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