A single Fermentation Score (FS) may not tell you much. AIRE is meant to be used overtime so that users can see trends and patterns in their fermentation. Users can also log their food, sleep, stress and other symptoms.

Foods that you ate earlier in the day or yesterday can affect your current fermentation levels. It is important to log your foods as well as symptoms so that you can get an overall picture of your response to foods. 

The levels of fermentation can be affected by: 

  • The food you eat

  • Any medications you may be on 

  • Any recent use of alcohol or smoking

High fermentation isn't necessarily a bad thing.  By using AIRE's app to record your fermentation scores and symptoms, you find the good fermentation from the bad fermentation (i.e. the fermentation that causes symptoms). AIRE helps you find out which food components are most compatible with you.

AIRE is designed to help people who struggle with digestive problems such as bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. Sometimes these symptoms are triggered by the body's response to particular foods. By logging the food that you eat, and the level of fermentation occurring afterwards (which is what the breath test scores indicate) you may eventually discover a food / food type which leads to higher levels of fermentation. Combining this with logs of your symptoms will be able to show you what foods are leading to uncomfortable symptoms. 

If you are unsure about the underlying cause of your digestive problems, you should contact your doctor in the first instance.

Experiment with the foods you eat. For example, see your fermentation levels with different foods.  Compare your fermentation and symptoms with different amounts of garlic, different cheeses or prepare your food with or without onions. 

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