We have become aware of an issue that some of our Android 10 users are experiencing with Bluetooth connectivity. We are really sorry about this. We've done a huge amount of investigation and have made several changes to try and reduce the impact of this problem for users.

However, the problem is an issue with Android 10 itself, so we are awaiting an update from Google and the phone manufacturers to resolve the issue. Luckily, Android updates are reasonably frequent, and there may be an update to address this shortly.

The following procedure has helped resolve the problem, at least temporarily, for many users:

1. Power off your AIRE
2. Navigate to in-app settings > My Device > Disconnect from your AIRE
3. Enter Airplane mode for 45 seconds > turn off Airplane mode > reconnect inside the app

Further tips that may help:

  • Please forget all Bluetooth connections and attempt connection with your FoodMarble AIRE inside of the app

  • Toggle Bluetooth and wifi and attempt connection with your FoodMarble AIRE inside of the app

  • Please try connecting with both your FoodMarble AIRE and your phone plugged into a power source with full charges.

If none of the above solutions work for you, we recommend contacting your phone manufacturer or the Android team for help.

We are keen to find more solutions from users, so if you find alternative means of connecting, we would be thankful to learn of them. As we learn more, we will update our troubleshooting to further help users get connected.

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